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Edible Flowers

Mar 02, 2018

Tired of the same old strawberries and chocolate for Valentine's Day? Switch things up by getting your sweetheart some flowers. Edible ones, that is, to top off a romantic dish, drink, or dessert.

Appearance & Flavor
There are more than 50 types of edible flowers of different colors and flavors. Flowers with heavier aromas tend to have the strongest flavor and taste the best. In general, the colorful parts of the flower are used while the white bases are avoided due to their less pleasing taste.

Ways to Enjoy
As promised, a special Valentine's recipe for a special someone; rose-flavored ice cream. Before you get crazy with the flowers, make sure to try a small amount first to ensure you do not get an allergic reaction or upset stomach, as these ailments are common with certain edible flowers. The sky is the limit with these fun frills; stuffed, fried, frozen into your ice cubes... Or top your soup, salad, pasta, or sandwich with a few. Some can even make an edible cup for other foods.

Availability & Origin
Just like other blooms, they are abundant during the spring and summer. Origins can be tough to pinpoint; they are found worldwide or localized to your backyard. A word of caution: avoid picking flowers that grow roadside, since they are more likely to have been exposed to contaminants or pesticides.

Eat your flowers as soon as possible after plucking-ideally the day you pick or purchase. Do not wait more than 48 hours to consume. If you must store them, an air-tight container (so they don't get crushed) in the fridge is best.

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